I am a huge fan of the abstract digital art style and I constantly find myself switching between amazing desktop wallpapers created by ridiculously talented artists all over the world. I’ve decided to collect a mere 10 pieces here for all of you to use as well, taken from some of the most popular art groups and communities online.

More fun than Tekken

more fun than tekken

Created back in March 2002, “Sevenflow” (crazy sick name, I wish I had it) and “Kultdesign” (equally as cool) come together to bring something that still to this day makes me want to give up hope that I’d ever create something that equals or comes close to anything that looks this amazing. A mix of typography, faded gradients, and dark technical 3d/photoshop work makes this organized chaos and it will make any desktop look amazing. Only downside to this wallpaper is it’s not available in a higher resolution and screens have definitely gone well past 1600×1200 since 2002 :( – enjoy this one!

G e n e s i s

Another wallpaper that is on the lower end of the screen resolutions scale, but it ranks very high on the awesome scale. This rendering just works, and the combination of amazing color choices and clean grid design makes this one of my all-time favorite wallpapers. I give mad props to “Gaara2k3″ & “M1ndfieldS” for this masterpiece.



“Videa” brings us a mix of awesome lighting and a sick rendering. This whole abstract piece just makes me think of an underwater world like that seen in James Cameron’s “The Abyss” or even something like the game “Bio Shock”.



The core concept behind this design is what attracts me to it so much. It portrays hope and happyness from a situation that seems impossible to escape from and both the horrible and giving side of nature. This truly was created to belong to “Desktopography” which is a site that showcases wallpapers focused on the theme of “nature” combined with an abstract style. Lastly, the name “Guardians” tops the design, like the cherry on top of a sundae. Props to Simon Schulz!


paper planes

When I see Paperplanes, it imprints a concept of life and lifelessness. Life being the yellow circles, the shrub-like patterns over the rock, and obviously the focal-point – the green tree. Lifelessness being the black space, dark patterns, and the desolate rock. I always set this as my desktop wallpaper when I’m in the mood to see this sort of contrast and simplicity. Great job Chris Koch.



The second wallpaper in my list named “Genesis”; this piece however, takes on that of the extra terrestrial genre. Simply put, the detail and composition is amazing. Excellent job Zach Bush. (Btw, his other work shows how well-rounded of a digital artist he is, be sure to check it all out)

In The Wake

in the wake

This design is another classic example of how vibrant colors and composition can work so well. The detail as well adds to how crazy awesome this  really is.  Amazing job by James Merrill of ToThePixel.com.



X- What an awesome name, and implementation of that name into the design. This looks to me like pure 3d and illustrator, which in itself can explain how much time this design would have taken to complete. The form and layout is my favorite aspect of this piece. By James Merrill & Matt Dobson.



These last two wallpapers were created by one of my favorite artists Jeff Huang of the The Fifth Order. The reason why he’s one of my favorite artists is because he can design and work with layout, lighting, and particles so well (not to mention how he chooses his coloring). I’ve had “InfraRED” as my wallpaper for the last few months, and I will never get sick of it. It’s so inspiring.